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Our body must be our temple, and the image se have of ourselves influences every aspect of our lives. Thats the reason why sometimes we decide to make a change, but first, it’s important to get to know and accept our bodies.. Many plastic or reconstructive proceedures can help us to reach these espectations.

At this center, an important step in gaining our patient satisfaction is the development of an individual surgical strategy that provides an excellent result for that patient.

If you wish to make that important change and need to be scientifically informed about plastic and reconstructive procedures but also content and confident about your decitions this website will help you.

On this site you will find information about aesthetic procedures and also expert’s opinions and real testimonies of patients who have decided to change their body image.

IMPORTANT FACT: The information provided on this website cannot replace personal interview with DR. REDONDO TAMAYO.



Humans who want a change, we need first of acceptance and knowledge of ourselves. This reflection allows a procedure to decide the fulfill ourselves in our body that can be aesthetic and / or reconstructive. If you want or are interested in plastic, cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, this website can serve to help you make a decision. In this site you will find: Photos, Reviews and True testimonials from others who have already opted for a makeover. It is clear that the information and reading on this site can not replace the interview in the office with your plastic surgeon, where you can solve all the doubts raised in the consultation.