Rights & Duties

User rights

"The performance of their duties is an important factor for our services, commitments represent institutional development support ensuring quality services and warmth".

(Resolution 13437 de 1991 Colombia)

Every patient must exercise based on race, sex, age, language, religion, political or other opinion, social origin, economic status or social status without restrictions:

  • • To be treated in a timely manner, complete with safety and quality.
    • To know and understand the content of rights and duties.
    • To receive information on tests and procedures.
    • To give my authorization to practice certain procedures or treatments.
    • To know the time and date on which the procedures are performed.
    • To privacy during the performance of the procedures.
    • To receive care from qualified staff, friendly and respectful treatment of human all staff
    • A free choice of doctor and health professionals within the resources available.
    • A formally express grievances, complaints, suggestions and compliments; obtaining timely response.
    • To express and to take into account their wishes, needs and decisions related to the care process.
    • To request a second opinion.
    • To be respected and be treated without social, racial, cultural, religious or their own health status discrimination.
    • A privacy be respected in giving confidential treatment to the information recorded in the clinical history and access it when required.
    • To request and receive information about their health, about the services provided by the institution and its treatment
    • A privacy to handle with the diagnosis and outcome of health.
    • Access to health services and adequate infrastructure props.


User Duties

  • • Submit the documents required by the company.
    • Attend timely scheduled appointments or procedures
    • Cancel timely scheduled appointments or procedures if unable to attend.
    • Comply with the instructions on preparations for tests and procedures.
    • Participate and take responsibility for their care and treatment process.
    • Report clear, accurate and timely manner regarding their health, physical deterioration and social security related circumstances.
    • Provide staff respectful treatment of the institution.
    • Signing clinical history and informed consent when required.
    • Respect the privacy of other patients.
    • Make proper use of the resource of complaints, suggestions and complaints at the time of filing a grievance.
    • Understand the reason for delay in the service when the health team makes it known.
    • Caring and make rational use of resources, facilities, staffing and services.
    • Cancel payments that corresponds according to quotes.

All users have the same rights, each request made to patients is done to garatizar the best quality in terms of procedures and service if the user does not consider that apply these guidelines to your individual must manifest and specific measures be taken case to bring to term.


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